Visual Media Services

Our digital media team is dedicated to creating original content that will immerse viewers and leave a lasting impression.  At night domes are the ideal structure to project visual content onto. From planetarium style interior projection to mapping the exterior cover for massive digital advertising or mind-blowing light shows, domes act as the perfect display for maximum attention. For daytime use, their heavy duty steel frames are perfect to rigging up LED walls and lighting/lasers. 

Maximize brand exposure – Take your next corporate event to another level of exposure with digital logo projection and custom presentations 

Excite the crowd – Our team of VJ's utilize cutting edge software and multiple projectors to "map" the dome, delivering immersive and dazzling visuals to accompany musical artists at events and music festivals across the country

Illuminate the night  – Setting the tone of your event with lighting is a crucial yet subtle art. Our heavy duty event domes act as an excellent means for rigging lighting and laser equipment directly to the frame.