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Personal Camping Domes - Our personal camping domes are ideal for weekend retreats or for use as a communal hangout for friends at music festival campgrounds. We rent and sell a variety of different sizes at affordable rates. 


Music Festival / Outdoor Event Domes - We offer a wide range of services to music festivals and large events. In the past we have worked with established festivals such as North Coast, Sonic Bloom, Infrasound, Great North and Riot Fest. We offer domes for use as VIP lounges, Performance Venues, Hammock Sanctuaries and Workshop areas.


Wedding / Special Event Domes- Make a spectacle of your celebration by hosting it inside of a geodesic dome. You and your guests will experience an unforgettable night in this unique, immersive atmosphere. Take the interior design to the next level by commissioning our installation artists to create custom centerpieces or lighting fixtures. 



Nothing quite compares to owning a geodesic dome. Travel with your dome, assemble it at any location, and have it at your leisure...

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