As the only large-scale geodesic dome rental company operating out of the Midwest, a number of factors set our domes apart from generic tents.

Domes are versatile and safe. Our domes come in a variety of sizes, with many different cover options and hand-made decorative shade pieces. Domes can be built on almost any terrain and are extremely wind-resistant, weatherproof, and secure, while providing plenty of shade.

Domes are beautiful. The geometry of these geodesic dome structures is captivating and breath-taking. SynerGeo Domes make for the perfect hybrid of function and aesthetics. 

Domes are weight bearing. Proportional to the size of the structure, domes can hold thousands of pounds. This makes them ideal for rigging up lights, lasers and speakers to create an exceptionally neat immersive production.

Domes can be projection mapped. Our software allows us to fully map the entire dome, so its cover becomes a giant screen for displaying visual content. We have a team that specializes in audio-reactive visuals to complement live music.

Dome Frames

Heavy duty. All of our metallic dome frames are made of galvanized steel tubing and manufactured in the USA. They are strong enough to support thousands of pounds, varying with respect to their structure size and strut thickness.



We've got you covered. We can create customizable covers, and project or print logos and advertisements onto them for high impact, attention-grabbing branding. We offer full and sectional fitted vinyl-based dome covers that are waterproof, flame resistant and durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Affordable waterproof tarp covers are also available, as well as decorative stretch fabric shade covers, both highly recommended with the personal camping and hammock domes.


The perfect fit for you. No matter the occasion, our team can help you find the dome that is right for your needs. Whether you're camping with a few friends or hosting a wedding reception with a long guest list, SynerGeo Domes create the ideal space. 

Listed are the currently available dome sizes and capacities.          

   Diameter      Standing Capacity     Hammock Capacity

  • 16'            15                                  5

  • 20'           30                                 10 

  • 22'           45                                 15 +
  • 30'           100+  
  • 44'           300+ 
  • 60'           600+ 
  • 90'          1800+ 

Custom domes can be created upon request!

(Note: we only offer rental hammock domes in 16', 20' and 22')

Doors & Flooring

Step into your vision. You can personalize how many entrances and exits there are on your event dome, and what shapes and sizes you want them to be! Custom flooring is necessary to create the perfect dance floor and to suit your specific event needs.

Heating & A/C

Defy extreme weather conditions. Maintain total control of the atmosphere within the dome via our heating and air conditioning packages. Keep cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. Contact us for more details!