How do I place a reservation?

Right here on our website! Select the type of event you are planning and then read about our variety of dome styles and sizes to find the right fit for you!


Does SynerGeo Domes deliver to my area?

For camping festival rentals, we can deliver to almost anywhere in the US. For corporate or celebratory event rentals, we can deliver in the Midwest, with a fee based on time and distance traveled. 


How much room do I need for a geodesic dome to be set up?

Our smallest available domes are 2V 16’ diameter dome with a circumference of 51’. Our middle size is the 3V 20’ diameter dome with a circumference of 63’. Our largest available size is the 3V 30’ diameter dome with a circumference of 95’.


What size geodesic dome should I order for my event?

Under the "INFO" section there is a full, detailed description including the space allotted for seating, standing, and sleeping people.


When should I reserve my geodesic dome?

ASAP! Because we are a new company, we have a limited supply of our domes at the moment. We will be manufacturing plenty more in due time, but for this summer we are constrained. So book your rentals and reserve your dates with us TODAY. Also, please book at least a week before your event!


When is a reservation officially placed?

A reservation is officially confirmed when either a reservation fee is put down or an order is paid in full.


Does SynerGeo Domes do small events?

We do not discriminate! We do all sizes and types of events.


Can I pick up and return my rented equipment?

At the moment, we only offer delivery, return and complimentary set-up. We do not offer local pick-up/drop-off for rentals, but we do accept local pick-up for purchases.


How long is a rental period?

A rental period can be as short as 1 day or as long as 4 days.


What if I need more domes than I ordered?

We recommend that all domes be ordered in advance but, in the event that more are needed, we can provide them as long as we have proper notice and it will be subject to availability.


What if I want to cancel or decrease my order?

You can cancel or decrease the amount of domes rented at any time, but the reservation fee is non-refundable. We enforce this non-refundable fee because we only want serious prospects due to limited dome rental availability.


Can I pay for my rental equipment at delivery?

Yes! We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal transactions. NO cash. The online reservation fee must be made at least a week in advance to reserve your dome rental type and event date. But you can pay the rest of your costs in person using debit or credit card! We offer this option so that you feel comfortable trusting and recognizing SynerGeo Domes as a responsible, reliable rental company.


What if the area I want to use is muddy or not suitable for to walk on?

For the time being, we do not offer flooring options, but in the near future we will! We would recommend bringing a basic tarp to lay on the ground beneath your geodesic dome. Tarps are very affordable and weatherproof.


Do I need to prepare the area before the installation of a geodesic dome?

Yes, please! The area needs to be completely free of any other structures or items.


Can I cook in a dome?

Sort of. If you choose to rent/purchase a dome without a complete or partial cover, then yes! But if you do have a cover on your dome, please remove the cover before cooking in the dome.


What if it storms during my event?

If you rented a complete or partial cover, you have less to worry about. The geodesic domes are securely fastened to the ground, and the covers are waterproof. Otherwise, we encourage you to bring waterproof tarps to cover your dome or your belongings with incase of rain.